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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Career Opportunities after Biotechnology

During the 1980s in India, biological research witnessed a great shift with the evolution of a new field called Biotechnology which dealt with technology in Biology. Later this field had made its presence in all fields of science and kept evolved as an interdisciplinary science. Now biotechnology is everywhere, from the food industry for quality foods, textile industry for creating better clothing, to forensic sciences to scientifically identify the criminals, to biofuels to run vehicles and now it is the technology that touches every aspect of our daily life. As it is close to life, the opportunities in this field also span many fields.  I will try to explain a few fields students after biotech graduation or postgraduation can build up their career.

Biotechnology is considered  a research oriented-subject and to some extent actually, it is. So, it is better to tell its opportunities in research first. After graduation or postgraduation, it’s very promising to start as a Research Assistant or Technical staff in research institutes and universities throughout India. Permanent Job opportunities in the government sector as technical officers is also another opportunity that a biotech postgraduate can achieve. Postgraduates in Biotechnology can join the research institutes of excellence as Scientist B position which helps them build their career in research. Considering the number of research institutes and universities throughout our country the number of opportunities can be imagined. 

Coming to the next most achievable job after postgraduation in biotechnology is that of joining colleges and universities as Lecturers. After postgraduation, if the individual can clear the easiest CSIR NET Lectureship exam -the candidate can join in permanent assistant professor positions in Universities and colleges throughout the country. After postgraduation in the teaching sector, plenty of job opportunities are available outside our country too. 

Biotechnology industries are one of the major industry sectors in our country. They have a huge requirement of biotech graduates as well as postgraduates for various sections of the company. The government of India is giving opportunities of students to train biotech students for preparing to enter industries. These industries themselves are hiring graduates and postgraduates in a biotech internships which will mostly lead to permanent positions in the company. The pharma industry is also a big job provider for biotech graduates. The present situation of pandemic and epidemic circumstances creates more job opportunities in the pharma sector for biotech graduates. 

Another major job provider is the food and beverage industry. In food industries, microbial-based improvement of food quality is widely used and biotechnology graduates will get a great opportunity in all these sectors. The brewing industry also opens a good chance for biotechnology graduates. Fermentation is the most basic biotechnology principle which is being utilized in most beverage industries which reflects their need for people with biotech know-how. The quality control department is an indispensable section in every food and beverage industry. Biotechnology graduates and postgraduates can have good opportunities there too.

The medical sector also opens up a great opportunity. In this pandemic time the most hired people where belong to biotechnology who can operate RT PCR and do COVID testing. Apart from this many opportunities are there in clinical labs as well as hospitals as medical biochemists or microbiologists for biotechnology postgraduates.

Above mentioned are only a small overview of the job prospects of biotechnology graduates and postgraduates. Many more job opportunities in the government sector include a forensic officers in the police department, food technologists, and a lot of high-paying jobs awaiting after biotechnology. This is the opportunity of today to study biotechnology, you are creating opportunities for tomorrow by joining biotechnology courses. more details....


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