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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Career Options after Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree

 If you are considering a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, the first thing on your mind might be, 'what are job opportunities. The BBA, being a professional degree study, brings many opportunities for students. This degree offers many opportunities compared to other bachelor-level degree courses. At BBA, you learn all about business, management, and management. You also study subjects such as accounting, marketing, finance, and human resource management. In the course, BBA covers a wide range of subjects and skills, making you the most sought-after employer. There are many job opportunities available for BBA graduates. To be clear, BBA graduates can look for jobs in the sales and marketing departments.BBA degrees and specific years of work experience will lead you to a leadership position in any organization. However, if you still want to know what’s coming up, here are 10 job opportunities behind the BBA.

Career Opportunities After BBA Degree:

Marketing In the ever-growing field of marketing, BBA graduates can find employment as marketing managers, who need to be in the field. You also need to be good at communicating if you want to be successful as an advertising manager. This position comes with many benefits as a commission on sales. If you do not want to do field service, you can become a marketing planner. This position requires that you do market research and make marketing plans for products and services. There are other BBA positions and qualifications as a marketing analyst and market researcher. Do well in these positions and you can move up to the position of advertising manager.

2. Advertising & PR

Every business needs advertising and PR management. These are some of the most prosperous sectors in the industry. They work closely with advertisers and adapt their strategies accordingly. BBA graduates can find jobs such as account managers, customer relations managers, social relations workers, PR writers, and copywriters. The payout ratio for advertising firms and PRs is good, and the growth potential is high.

3. Human Resources

You need good human skills if you want to do well in HR. He is one of the most important departments in the company as it ensures that the most important people in the company - employees - are happy. BBA graduates can look to do jobs as HR directors, HR professionals, and HR employers. HR is the best industry to work in as salary and benefits are right.4. Banker

Employment in the bank is one of the most stable jobs in the country. With a BBA degree, you may qualify to work in a bank as a probation officer. You will need to balance their qualification goals, which are not difficult, and clear their tests and discussions. Banks make a good living, and it is one of the most sought-after jobs, so with your BBA degree, you can do this.

5. Insurance

Insurance is a growing field, especially in a country like India where most people remain uninsured. BBA graduates can get many important positions in the insurance industry and live well. Many international companies work in the field, and finding work in such companies is a dream come true for many.

6. Entrepreneur

In a BBA course, you learn all about starting and managing a business. You can take this information, and become an entrepreneur to start your own business. Your BBA degree will prepare you for all the hard efforts that come with starting a business. You will also be equipped with information on accounting, organizational structure, and marketing. When it comes to earning, for your own business, the sky is the limit. Many students earn BBA degrees to join family businesses and grow.

7. Civil Services

BBA students use BBA degrees as a preparation for exams for public servants such as IAS, IPS, and UPSC. The knowledge gained and the personality developed during the BBA degree can be used to perform well in the following tests and personal interviews. After you break these tests, you can find high-level jobs that work in key government departments. These jobs have high salaries and highly desirable benefits.

Government Sector Jobs after BBA

Although the payroll for public sector executives is not very high compared to the private sector, in the public sector there is less pressure on employment, job security, and stability. The range of professionals in the public banking sector is very high compared to any other sector. Most government jobs conduct accounting and financial institutions are always looking for BBA graduates. If you are a BBA student who can analyze key issues, plan and manage resources and build data, then you will have a bright future in the public sector. 


BBA graduates can be recognized for roles in business management and marketing. Some companies also offer the role of production manager, editor, and manager. BBA graduates are looking for companies involved in the manufacturing, construction, sales, and finance business. They can also apply to various government agencies.

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Friday, 19 March 2021

Shila Lekh, The Taj is exactly as wide as it is high (55 meters)


Date: 12 March 2021 


पुरातत्व विभाग द्वारा शिलालेख में वर्णित ताजमहल की ऊंचाई व चौड़ाई मीटर गलत और खोटी है-निमार्ण की तिथियों में भी फर्क है।

-डॉ.राम बजाज

दुनियां के सात अजूबो में शुमार ताजमहल की सही ऊंचाई का ज्ञान नहीं होना – हिन्दुस्तान के लिए शर्म की बात नहीं है।

-डॉ.राम बजाज

गूगल में उपलब्ध दशाई गई सभी नाप-जोख गलत है, सरकार दुनियां के सात अजूबे वाले ताजमहल की को सही करवाना व निमार्ण की तिथियों को दुरस्त करवाना - सरकार व विभाग का दायित्व है।

-डॉ.राम बजाज

पुरातत्व विभाग द्वारा जारी नक्शे ब्ल्यू प्रिन्ट में दर्शाति सभी नाप-जोख खोटे है और अधूरे है। सरकार और विभाग इन्हें तुरन्त दुरस्त करें अन्यथा हमारी रिसर्च इंजीनियरिंग टीम को इन्हें दुरस्त करने के लिए अन्य तरीके अपनाने पड़ेंगे।

-डॉ.राम बजाज
Structural Engineer &
Researcher on
Taj Mahal

क्या हमें - हमारे प्रिय ताजमहल की सही ऊंचाई भी किसी भी हिन्दुस्तानियों को मालूम नहीं है?

-डॉ.राम बजाज

“.........The Taj is exactly as wide as it is high (55 meters).

The blue print of Taj Mahal – does not have any dimension of 55 meter high and is not exactly as wide 55 meters.

Actually it is (193ft) 58.82 meters and the width is less than 58.82 meters proof of this is attached here.

Then who is right? Decide yourself. The air Archaeological survey of India at Agra should correct this “Sila-Lekh” (शिलालेख)

(Photo captured by our Engineering Team)

There is and there was no such type of Makarana Marble – laid on Taj Mahal – keeps changing colour from dawn to midnight – giving it magical aura.

- Dr.Ram Bajaj

(Photo captured by our Engineering Team - Changing colour of Marble due to climate change.)

“.......The colour of translucent marble keeps changing from dawn to midnight giving it a magical-aura, is keeping with Shah Jahan’s vision (where is this vision of Shah Jahan has written – These are totally false statements by the archaeological department) that the Tomb and garden should represent paradise on earth.

Actually there is & there was no such type of translucent Makarana marble which keeps changing colour from dawn to midnight giving it a magical aura.

(Colours of marble never change from dawn to midnight but the
physics laws of nature change its colours from dawn to midnight.)

Dr.Ram Bajaj (Structural Engineer) - Writer

दुनियां के सात अजूबो में शुमार ताजमहल की सही ऊंचाई का ज्ञान नहीं होना – हिन्दुस्तान के लिए शर्म की बात नहीं है?

-डॉ.राम बजाज

(Photo captured by our Engineering Team)

(Changing colour of Marble due to climate change.)

The marble laid down on Taj Mahal – was a simple quality of marble – available today. One can compare this aid marble with the pieces of marble slabs. Colours of marble never change from dawn to midnight but the physics laws of nature changes its colours from dawn to midnight. The actual physics law & light we have explained completely and explored the scientific reasons of changing of colours in our book coming soon.

The marble does not change its colour

-Dr.Ram Bajaj
Civil Engineer

The archaeological department must change – the in description of marble and rewrite the new language – about the Makarana marble.

Dr.Ram Bajaj has dared to declare that the colours of Red Stone of Royal gate, Masjid & other parts of the Taj Mahal complex also keep changing from dawn to midnight.

-Dr.Ram Bajaj
Civil & Structural Engineer

Nobody has found out such an engineering – phenomenon findings ever before in the history of Taj Mahal.

-Dr.Ram Bajaj

Our engineering teams have dared to declare that the colours of Red Stone of Royal gate, Masjid & other parts of the Taj Mahal complex also keep changing from dawn to midnight – giving a magical aura.

(Photo captured by our Engineering Team)

Colour change from dawn to midnight - is the physics law of light. We have explained thoroughly in detail – about these scientific reasons of changing of colours in our book.

- Dr.Ram Bajaj
Civil & Structural Engineer

(Royal Gate - Photo captured by our Engineering Team)

(Photo captured by our Engineering Team - Royal Gate – Inside – upper portion of inside dome)

The archaeological department old historians, guides & the engineers must change their concept about the changing colours of Taj Mahal & rewrite them in descriptions mentioned in their history & Shila-Lekh (शिलालेख).

(Masjid - Photo captured by our Engineering Team)

‘‘गूगल‘‘ में उपलब्ध दशाई गई सभी नाप-जोख (Dimension) गलत है, सरकार दुनियां के सात अजूबे वाले ताजमहल की Dimension को सही करवाना व निमार्ण की तिथियों को दुरस्त करवाना - सरकार व विभाग का दायित्व है।

- डॉ.राम बजाज

(Masjid - Photo captured by our Engineering Team)

ताजमहल के निमार्ण में लिखित दस्तावेजों, शिलालेखों व पुरातत्वविदों - लापरवाह झूठे विशेषज्ञों के द्वारा सफाई से - स्वयं गढ़ी अफवाऐं मात्र के अलावा कुछ भी ज्यादा नहीं है। चापलूस इतिहासकारों और इंजीनियरिंग अफवाओं से गढ़ी-मढ़ी कहानियां - मात्र उनकी रचित-जानबूझकर भूलों के अलावा - उससे ज्यादा कुछ भी नहीं है। सभी पत्थरों के रंगों में बदलाव - कुछ प्राकृतिक नियमों के आधार पर संभव होता है।

The inlaid works carried out in Taj Mahal – complex is not semi-precious stones in pietra-dura but simply the polished marble coloured stones available in India only.

- Dr.Ram Bajaj

“.........A high light of the monument is the exquisitely coved “pietra-dura” in laid with semi precious stones.

यह सिर्फ चापलूस इतिहासकारों की भयंकर जानबूझकर भूल की गई है।

-डॉ.राम बजाज

पुरातत्व विभाग द्वारा जारी नक्शे ब्ल्यू प्रिन्ट में दर्शाति सभी नाप-जोख खोटे है और अधूरे है। सरकार और विभाग इन्हें तुरन्त दुरस्त करें अन्यथा हमारी रिसर्च इंजीनियरिंग टीम को इन्हें दुरस्त करने के लिए अन्य तरीके अपनाने पड़ेंगे।

-डॉ.राम बजाज

Ordinary Stone

The inlaid works in pietra-dura works carried out by Shah Jahan was not at all the semi-precious stones but simply the polished marble-coloured stones available in India. These polished coloured marbles stones were used in practice since 1550A.D. To present century and are purely available in India only. Shah Jahan never imported these coloured stones from outside India. Each & every Mughal buildings in India used these marble polished coloured stones.

Even today archaeological departments also used these ordinary coloured marble stone for the repair of these inlaid works in Taj & other historic buildings. Then how are these stones semi precious? The archaeological departments will tell us the real story. Are they importing these stones from other countries? Whole history about Taj – is manipulated by various historians.

Marble Stone

In fact the pietra-dura inlaid is with simple coloured stones – available in India. These are not brought from outside country, nor are these semi-precious stone – but they are natural polished coloured marble gravels only. Pictures of these coloured marble gravels are shown.

(Photo captured by our Engineering Team)

However, one should understand that the “pietra-dura” inlaid works were in progress during Mughal period – between 1631 to 1650 before the construction started for the Taj building. The names of the buildings are already mentioned in our previous pages. (a) Humayun’s Tomb, (b) Akbar Tomb, (c) Itimad-ud-Daulah Tomb, (d) and extra ordinary laid works of pietra-dura in the various building in Agra fort, Agra by Shah Jahan himself – in the bedrooms of Mumtaj & Sheesh Mahal (शीश महल).

So this curved inlaid pietra-dura works were not carried out first time on the Taj Mahal building. There were already practice चलन of this type of work in various other important buildings with Indian available coloured marble gravels stones only – which were not at all semi-precious stones. Archaeological survey of India – who is the in charge of various other Mughal period building are very well known to them.

Still presently they are maintaining the Taj Mahal & other mentioned building. They must be knowing the value and availability of these coloured marble gravels stones. So they must not misguide the nation for such type of flash propaganda of semi-preciousstones inlaid curved pietra-dura woks.

ये कहानियां सिर्फ चाटूकार इतिहासकारों और लापरवाह पुरातत्वविदो से झुझती सफाई से - उनके द्वारा गढ़ी कोरी झूठी फैलाई गई अफवाऐ मात्र है। असल में पॉलिश किए गए मार्बल-ग्रेवल के पत्थरों के अलावा और कुछ भी नहीं है। पुरातत्व विभाग ऐसे शिलालेखों को दुरस्त करना अनिवार्य होगा-ताकि देश और दुनियां को सच की हकीकत मालूम पड़े।

Inside Agra Fort

Inside Humanyu Tomb

Inside Akbar Tomb

Date of completion of Taj Mahal is not 1648 A.D – but 1652 A.D

“........The inscription on the northern facade records 1057AH (1647A.D) as the date of its completion in 17 years at the cost...”

Is completely wrong as per the records available in the history. As per the history the Taj Mahal was completed between 1631-1652. We do not understand how – the date written on the Shila-Lekh (शिलालेख) is correct. The archaeological departments should correct the date of completion in 17 years. 1647AD is 100% wrong – records available. Record attached

There are various other false inscriptions written on this Shila-Lekh (शिलालेख) – but we are limited within the range of above five indiscriminate.

  1. The name of Mumtaz’s father is not mentioned.
  2. The grief stricken emperor (How did archaeological department came to know about the grief stricken emperor).
  3. Shah Jahan was also buried beside his beloved wife in the Taj Mahal is totally flash and misleading to the country etc.

(Photo captured by our Engineering Team)

यह शिलालेख ऐतिहासिक घपलों का एक बहुत बड़ा नमूना है। बिना किसी सबूतों के भारत सरकार द्वारा इस तरह के गलत और झूठे तथ्यों से भरपूर शिलालेख में गुणगान करना - पुरातत्वविदो को शोभा नहीं देता। लापरवाह चापलूसी इतिहासकार और पुरातत्वविदों की तथ्यों के साथ ही इस तरह के शिलालेखो का निमार्ण करवाया गया।

Date of completation of Taj Mahal complex is not 1647A.D

When we visit the Taj historians & guides of Taj Mahal – tells us the different actual stories of its completion of construction of Taj. The chhatries construction on each side of Royal Gate of Taj Mahal – are eleven in numbers. So the total chhatries on main entrance gate of Taj is 22. These guides and historians–& verified the years of completionas 22 years – as each chhatri on Main gate – has the proofs of one year of construction on Taj Mahal. So the total years for completion of Taj is 22 years i.e.1631 + 12 = 1653A.D.

Then from where the archaeological departments have verified the period of completion of Taj Mahal is 17 years i.e.1631+17 = 1648A.D.

It is totally false and without any concrete proofs of its completion. The department should remove the date of completion of Taj as seventeen years (17 years).

दुनियां के सात आश्चर्यों में शुमार ताजमहल कई मायनों में बड़ा ही अनोखा और लाजवाब है। मोहब्बत की मिसाल के रूप में परिभाषित इस ईमारत के पीछे ऐसी कई वजहें है - जिनके चलते हमें इसको गहराई से जानना चाहिए और इस पर गर्व करना लाजमी होना चाहिए। ताजमहल का निमार्ण 1632 में शुरू हुआ जो 1653 तक चला - ऐसा बताया गया था। साथ में यह भी बताया जाता है कि हजारों शिल्पकारों, कारीगरों और संगतराशो ने इस बेमिसाल ईमारत को बनाने में अपना योगदान दिया था। इस बेमिसाल विशाल ईमारत के निमार्ण पर आज भी कई सवालिया निशान लगे हुए है-जिनकी कुछ परतें शायद हटाने में साक्ष्य के साथ हम सक्षम होंगे।

ताजमहल के बाहर पुरातत्व विभाग में रखे शिलालेख में वर्णित है (जिसे नीचे पुनः प्रदर्शित (Exhibit) है) कि शाहजहां ने अपनी बेगम मुमताज महल के दफनाने के लिए यह विशाल ईमारत बनाई, जिससे बनाने में सन् 1631 से लेकर सन् 1648 तक 17 वर्ष लगे।

यह शिलालेख ऐतिहासिक घपले का नमूना है - भले ही कुछ लोग मुमताज और शाहजहॉं की प्रेम कहानी - चापलूस इतिहासकारों की भयंकर भूल और लापरवाह पुरातत्वविदो की सफाई से स्वयं गढ़ीकोरी अफवाह मात्र है-प्रमाण कहीं भी उपलब्ध नहीं है परन्तु शाहजहॉं के समय लिखा गया औरंगजेब का एक शासकिय अभिलेख इस प्रेम कहानी की भले पुष्टी नहीं करता है।

परन्तु हम इस Controversy में न जाकर - उपरोक्त शिलालेख में वर्णित लेख में भिन्नताओं असमानताऐं और पुरातत्व विभाग की लापरवाह हरकतो से किसी भी हिन्दुस्तानियों का सिर झुक जायेगा - अगर हमारे साक्ष्य इस बात को प्रमाणित कर देती है तो।

मुख्य रूप से हम इस शिलालेख में वर्णित चार त्रुटियों के बारे में पर्दाफाश करेंगे। पुरातत्व विभाग इन गलतियों को तुरन्त दुर्षित कर लेवें अन्यथा हमें इसके लिए अन्य प्रयास करने होंगे।

Dr.Ram Bajaj

Ph.D, M.Structural Engineer,
B.E. (Civil Engineering) From
B.I.T.S, Pilani
M.A. (Economics)
M.A. (Public Admin.)
M.Com (Fin. Man.)
Diploma In Interior Decoration M.I.E.
Chartered Engineer
Structural Engineer
Approved Valuer


Monday, 15 March 2021

Need of MBA’s in New Startups


Today, the MBA curriculum has changed massively to keep pace with the changing times. Most MBA courses now put mounting pressure on hard skills like Data Science, Business Analytics, and Coding.

 Also, since startups allow MBAs to understand their perspective and observe the impact of their skills in the startup biz, it becomes a win-win for both sides (startups and MBAs). With the startup culture blooming across the employment opportunities globally for MBAs the roles in Business Development, Product Management, and Operations are on the rise to help students accomplish their dream.

As for hiring MBAs, the trend seems to be significantly higher in late-stage startups. This is mainly because startups that are at the later stage are more growth-oriented and focused on boosting success. So, it makes sense that late-stage startups have the main need for MBA talent.

Most MBA graduates are hired to fulfill the “traditional” functions, or more specifically, Business Development and Product Management. Business Development is a mix of highly sales-specific and strategy-specific and it takes mainly the benefits from post-MBA job roles. Product management, too, has gained a huge grip in tech, thereby making MBAs with technical backgrounds just right for strategic positions in this domain.

 With their MBA degree, a student’s extensive field knowledge, and adaptable management, business, and analytical skills, MBAs are helping transform startups for the better. Today, more startups are hiring MBA’s because:

They need MBAs for Marketing.

Marketing isn't merely promoting or advertising your products/services. It’s a science that involves detailed marketing research, customer segmentation and targeting, pricing, and far more. And since MBAs are trained explicitly for marketing and management, nobody can promote your brand better than an MBA.

MBAs are trained professionals expertly within the ‘what, when, and how to style and manage marketing campaigns. They have the skills to plug your products/services in ways in which you can maximize both customers satisfaction and increase ROI.

2.     They need MBAs for growth and expansion.

 Every startup, regardless of the industry domain, must eventually mature and evolve into a well-structured and fully-functional organization. To realize this goal, it's essential to style strategic business processes, define best practices, and make communication channels for transparency within the corporate. This is often where MBAs can bring a competitive advantage.

Since MBAs are trained to know and are well-versed with organizational hierarchy structure, they know the importance of organizational strategies, policies, and procedures for a growing company. By brainstorming with the startup founders, MBAs can raise plans and policies that aren't only scalable but also financially feasible for a startup.

They need MBAs for Networking.

 While most startup founders are highly creative experts in their niche domains, they often lack two essential ingredients of selling – networking and connections. And since good marketing demands good contacts and networking, MBAs come to the scene again.

Since MBAs meet with industry experts, mentors, and thought-leaders in various fields during their study course, they typically have strong professional connections with many of us. In fact, networking is one of the core focus of MBA programs. Thus, MBAs can assist you build a solid network of influential connections for expanding your business.

They need MBAs for Market Research

Market research may be a crucial aspect of growth for businesses of each size. Because of the vast choice of marketing research and business analytics tools, startups can now conduct marketing research to urge an in-depth idea of the market, their competitors, latest trends, product prices, then far more. However, it requires a level of experience and analytical knowledge to be ready to use these tools efficiently – a top quality that MBAs possess. They’re experts in analyzing and interpreting data to uncover valuable business insights which will further encourage data-driven decision-making.


5.     They need MBAs for Human Resource Management.

 Even though it's hard to believe, it's an incontrovertible fact that startups may lag behind within the race thanks to poor Human Resource Management skills. Startup founders often find it challenging to know the requirements of their employees, manage them, and communicate effectively with them. As a result, the business infrastructure starts to disintegrate. This will be avoided with MBAs within the scene.

MBAs have excellent communication and management skills that help them to manage the Human Resources of a corporation to stay it running sort of a well-oiled machine. Also, with the pressure of Human Resource Management off their shoulders, startup founders can specialize in other pivotal avenues (for instance, acquiring funding).

They need MBAs for better financial planning and management.

As startups grow and evolve into more prominent entities with time, there remains an the opportunity of creating faulty assumptions and spending funds on the incorrect lines. This is often why financial planning and management areas crucial for startups as for giant corporations.

Fortunately enough, financial planning and management are one among the various aspects of the MBA curriculum. Hence, MBAs can help startups to allocate their funds wisely and on those avenues which will bring maximum profits, without hampering the corporate growth and work culture.

Getting into a startup right after getting an MBA degree are often highly beneficial for MBAs also. This is often because albeit the pay could also be less in startups, they hold immense potential and scope for professional growth and development. In startup culture, MBAs can get maximum exposure and run the show for an outsized part (in acquiring clients, making valuable business connections, expanding business ventures, etc.), that's highly unlikely during a large corporation, a minimum of within the starting years. So, if you begin receiving offers from startups after completion of your MBA provides it an attempt – who knows, maybe it'll open doors of latest possibilities for your professional career!

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Thursday, 11 March 2021

The need for Agriculture in Education

For centuries agriculture has been allied with the production of food crops. At current, agriculture beyond farming comprises forestry, soil sciences, dairy, cultivation of fruits, poultry, etc. Recent agriculture spotlight on a blend of factors, like environmental challenges faced by our farmers, to the stress caused by overpopulation and food scarcity that concern administration and universal corporations.

Agriculture is the spine of the economic structure of our country. Besides, to provide food and raw matter, it also provides employment chances to a very huge percentage of the population.

Creation of irrigation plan, drainage scheme as well as other such actions in the agricultural sectors is significant as it provides well-built employment chance. The agriculture division provides additional employment. It reduces the soaring rate of redundancy in developing countries due to the fast-growing population. Some of the major opportunities through agriculture areas such.

Now a day’s agriculture is the demand of India or we can say that demand of Globe. We have to speak more and more about why to prefer agriculture? 

Agriculture in the developing globe has become a field with efficient innovations, thanks to a growing number of young students and researchers minds. In India where there are sufficient land resources, the youthful entrepreneur should be optimistic about agriculture as an available resource of development. Not only in India but across the world agriculture is providing a lot of employment may be direct or indirect. To fight poverty, farming is more helpful than other sectors. Farming is up to 4 times more efficient than any sector in decreasing poverty. Young individuals need to observe live examples of other individuals who finished it in agriculture before they can consider what they can perform in agriculture. Agriculture is greatly dependent on soil and land, which is politicized, which in turn makes agriculture repellent especially for the young generation without political associates. 

Separately from financial advantage, agriculture would add to the GDP of the Indian economy. At present, most young individuals in all countries across the world are familiar with how to utilize a mobile phone without any type of training. 

So I want to suggest that we have to encourage our young generation to study agriculture because it not only provides food but it also provides employment and economic growth for a country.

If you are ready to join this exciting and expanding field and want to earn a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Agriculture, RNB Global University offers this degree at an accelerated pace. For more information, connect with a helpful admissions counselor today.