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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Careers after High School Class 12th - A Necessity or a Choice

Despite the successful market economy reforms and economic growth of recent years, the situation of the placement of Fresher’s and their further growth in their respective field of choice remains a paradoxical issue. Unemployment and unfilled jobs are a reflection of the skills mismatch between workforce supply and demand.

Young people must therefore be given the assistance they need to decide on their future careers, based on an adequate overview of the changing educational, training and employment markets and awareness of their own interests and strengths. This will help the candidates bridge the gap between what they know, what they want and what they can do.

The intention in building a career guidance system is to improve young people’s knowledge of their own skills and offer comprehensive vocational information and practical experience in selected companies. Equipped in this way, young students at the transition from middle school to high school are able to make more informed career choices and to plan their own careers more knowledgeably. The potential impacts include reducing youth unemployment and raising income, thereby reducing poverty.

At this stage it is crucial for the students to understand that subject choices like the science Stream, Commerce stream, Arts stream, do not any longer restrict their growth prospects to limited fields like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Management(Fields defined by the book). All these courses have unlimited options and It is just that the students need to prepare themselves understanding that for every option that they chose they have alternatives, and also that there is no defined process to reach their aim. As per the need of the hour there are various bifurcated routes to achieve the aim without having to deviate from the main stream, that they belong to. Another important aspect related to the career choice is  how to seek admission in the  best college for engineering or be it for  law  or management. Getting admission to the top colleges in India has been very tough these days and for this its very important that the student should be aware of his capabilities and his interest and accordingly choose the field where he would like to purse his career and also can get admission in leading colleges of his choice rather than any colleges. As doing a course from an top institute also plays an important and vital role towards getting exposure and pursing the desired goal.

Further to this students must clarify as many queries as they have about What Next as this will help students in making better educational and career choices. Among other things, career guidance helps students not only understand information on high school course offerings, career options, the type of academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace, and post secondary opportunities that are associated with their field of interest, but also gives an insight into how can they scrutinize what they have been told , and satisfy themselves about the authenticity of the same. Career guidance also often provides teachers, administrators, and parents with information they can use to support students' career exploration and post secondary educational opportunities.

Thus right career guidance works out to be the pedestal which will step by step lead students to taking correct decisions and clarity of path for further growth.

Ritu Sharma
Convener – Center For Leadership and Development


  1. Student should get the career guidance before they enter into the collage. Most of the student doesn't know what career they should choose. It is very confusing for the student to decide where to go.

    School should have the structure where they monitor the growth of the student and advise the parents to plan the future child. Parents and teachers can become good career adviser for the student.

    Thank you