Saturday, 30 April 2016

A Rezendvous with Delhi

From milestone to milestone the next on agenda was an industrial visit to Delhi, as always Intellect fused with leisure to rejuvenate the mind and the spirits as the end term exams are on the threshold.

This trip was for all the students of B.Com (hons) and BSC,to Delhi. Since the students were an amalgamation of the science stream and the commerce stream, the situation looked paradoxical to begin with, but as the mind opened and discussion happened planning the visit for the 30th of April 2016, it came to be understood that irrespective of the stream, all students today studying in professional institutes with a Global teaching context, need to be given opportunities at the Market as a very large horizon, which no longer embraces only degrees and marks, but a mind full of knowledge and practical approaches.

The visit was thereafter planned for a visit to the PARLE factory. The name in itself left all in awe as they headed to visit one of the oldest, yet most popular Brand in India.

On the 29th of April 2016 all the students along with Dr. Kiran Parrek and Mr. Sunil Bhardwaj left for Delhi by train. They embarked for the industrial visit after freshening up in the pre planned arena, by a hired coach. The drive to the factory witnessed a lot of zeal, interactions with each other and the faculty as per each ones anxiety and levels of inquisitiveness.

As they all approached PARLE it was a dream come true. Even before they entered the premises it was all over the skies via what’s app and twitter and hike, that this was a bundle of small hurricanes full of enigma and eagerness to learn.

After salutations and security formalities they were taken on a guided tour from the manufacturing units, quality control till packaging. It was appalling to see their faces as they with dedication watched the process of the baking of their Best Friend since they were born PARLE.

The goodbyes were not very happy but without a choice. The next was a visit to shopping mall which is an all time favourite for some eats and shopping.

The final countdown as the red carpet kept unfolding was the IPL match to be watched by our students live at the Firoz Shah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi. The excitement was not the match , but the fact that all were together and togetherness breeds happiness, learning. Team work. Wisdom, and all these are the pride of RNB Global.

After the match, as all had applauded the Delhi team for winning and each has made his/ her own efforts to catch a view of their heroes, all mounted the coach heading for the hotel for freshening up and dinner and then were home bound as they left for the station to board the train back to pavilion, Bikaner.

1st of May 2016 being a Sunday all had enough time to recoup, but by Sunday evening the memories of this journey of tales and events all wrapped in one day, with less time yrt a lot of content was all over the media.


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