Thursday, 7 April 2016

“Marketing the Un marketed” - A workshop on Rural Marketing

The 7th of April 2016 staged a workshop on Rural Marketing titled “Marketing the Un marketed” at the RNB Global University, Bikaner, for the students of Management & Commerce. In conference Halls and in Conclaves we may be a technologically growing Global economy, but on paper and in the policy making forums we remain a country with 75% as rural economy and it is from there that we steer drive our growth in the form of labour, raw material and exports. With this premise the resource person Dr. R.C.Mathur, Faculty of Management Studies, Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur, put a lot of thought behind devising a feasible reason, which could be related to students in their language, making them understand the need and importance of Rural Marketing in India. His emphasis was to crystallise answers to certain paradoxical questions like can NGO’s, SME’s, SHG, PACS, market our products and services in Rural India?

Students understood how in recent years rural marketing has acquired significance as the overall growth of the economy is resulting into substantial increase in the purchasing power of the rural communities. With Green Revolution at the peak of all ventures, the rural areas are consuming a large quantity of industrial and urban manufactured products. This has given birth to a special marketing strategy, namely, Rural Marketing. A large number of businesses are involved in the marketing of various products in the rural areas of India and elsewhere

Can we as academicians, students, and non-government organisations work together to study, follow and promote HOLISTIC Rural Marketing that shall ensure socioeconomic development of the rural India?

Can we generate employment opportunities for today’s youth by promoting and working in Rural Businesses in Rural India?

The aim of this workshop was a little further and beyond the explanation of Rural Marketing in the books. The main objective being to develop a strong foundation of applied knowledge, concepts, approaches, and analytical skills in the participants for successful marketing of products and services to rural consumers. The workshop lead to the clarity of some very important aspects of Microfinancing and Agri-Marketing.

The two day workshop not only helped visions enhance for students but also made them understand that a very big and palpable job market awaits them a few years down the line, where we as India may not have to depend completely on FDI for jobs and overall growth.


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