Saturday, 23 January 2016

"Reflections” - A Management Workshop

Management workshops form a very important part of the training being imparted to students of MBA, B.Tech, BBA, M.Com, B.Com, B.C.A etc as a part of the curriculum of Centre for Leadership and Development (CLD) which deals with corporate relations and placements. These workshops help the students understand the practical requirements of placements and also gives them an open house to be able to interact not only with the trainer but also with each other on topics related with their career growth. These workshops offer an intensive yet open learning environment for the students and rejuvenates their morale as all participate in the exchange of views and ideas. Further the filters that the companies use for screening students for jobs and as interns are communication skills, group discussions, body language, content which is out of the books, ability to handle personal interviews, and these management workshops give a platform to the candidates to understand and thereof exhibit their understanding of the same.

The endeavour at RNB Global University is to shape lives and transform minds helping the students explore the ample opportunities as per their interests and expertise which is a larger picture of academics.

The first workshop on the 23rd of January 2016 was titled “Reflections” and the proceedings of this workshop were as follows:
- Familiarisation with the concept of Management Workshop, where the students were made to understand the concept so as to make them accept these workshops and attend them willingly so that training becomes a two way process.
Perceptions (Analysis of self). A presentation with different pictures without titles and the students were asked to randomly call out what they think the picture unveils. This exercise helped the mentors to make students understand the importance of perceptions of self without letting other perceptions influence their way of thinking and approach.
- The “Passing the Parcel Game”, a management game , where a packet was circulated from one student to the other and the students  found with the parcel were asked to select one person from all present in the seminar hall ;who they wanted should ask them a question.  This was followed by answer to the question asked.
- Group Discussion for two groups of 10 each on the topic “Impact of 9/11 attacks on the economy” was conducted. Participating in this helped the students understand the dos and don’ts of Group Discussion when briefed about it. 

Thus the workshop was an enriching learning experience for the students. The workshop ended after the students were given a brief about the upcoming workshop on “Mind Jugglers”


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