Saturday, 30 January 2016

“Mind Jugglers” - A Management Workshop

The proceedings of the second management workshop held on the 30th of January 2016 for the students of MBA, B.B.A,  B.Com and B.Sc are as follows:

- The workshop started with a discussion on the need of skill enhancement and its impact. This was conducted by Ms. Ritu Sharma where she first related a short story with emphasis on human psychology and explained the requirement of skill enhancement not only for students but also for employees at various levels in an organisation.  This further highlighted the importance of soft skill training in colleges / organisations which is as important as technical training. This also renders to recruitments and placements, because the selection panel during recruitments through a psychological cross questioning session may try to arrive to the conclusion of the right man for the right job irrespective the educational qualifications and grades of the candidates.

- The next was a group discussion on “The Coke and Pepsi Logo War” this topic had been given to the candidates a day prior to the workshop for them to be able to understand the topic better and be able to relate to the same in the course of the discussion with the right content. All The students were divided into two groups. They were given 10 minutes for inter indulgence and discussions and thereafter it was a good exhibit of speakers voicing opinions and also understanding midway the do’s and don’ts of such discussions on a public forum. The discussion started with the first time when Coke had indulged into creating a LOGO for itself and then the change of name from Coca Cola to Coke and then some changes in the LOGO. Whereas Pepsi which got launched in the market later has been over a period of time been changing its LOGO as per the changing times and fashion.

- Simultaneously four candidates from each batch were made the observers who were to study and analyse the discussion and prepare a category wise list comprising of Active Audience, Sleeping Audience, Dead Audience and Problem Creators. This was a fun exercise for the observers as they enjoyed being the judges. This was essentially done to make the candidates understand that as mentors when they are corrected it is not criticism whereas it to a great extent is corrective criticism aiming to lead to transformation of minds in the positive context. And as the observers for various groups came up with their observations, the participants were very positive about the judgement declared.  

- After the discussion an open house feedback on the topic was staged between Mrs. Ritu Sharma and the candidates. The candidates had questions related with the market and how a beverage war between brands is related with consumer behaviour. Also the candidates were made to understand the correct way of dealing with such discussions

The workshop ended after the the students were given a brief about the upcoming workshop on “Business Plan Presentations”


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